Acid Storage Tanks

Acid Storage Tanks

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Acid Storage tank:

We offer Acid Storage Tank in all sizes and specifications so that they can be used widely by most industries. Chemical Storage Tank is made using inert materials, so that they can withstand the differing corrosive powers of chemicals and they are resistant to temperature and pressure. We make them according to set industry standards and quality tested them before dispatch. They are available at an industrially competitive price.

We are manufacturer and exporters of the chemical Acid Storage Tank widely used for industrial purpose. We provide Storage Tank which are leak proof, have excellent resistance against erosion, high temperature effects, acids and other chemicals etc.

Storage tank is made out from anti-corrosive Plastic and it designed for various capacity and various chemical.

Customer Benefit

      1. Ready to Install

      2. Easy to clean

      3. trouble-free acid moving to process tank

Available Accessories on request

  1. Drain Connection

  2. Inlet Connection

  3. Outlet Connection

  4. Man whole

  5. Level Indicator

  6. Air Vent

  7. Piping (If Required)

  8. Stirrer

  9. Liquid Transfer Pump

  10. Insulator

  11. Heating System

  12. Temperature Controller

  13. Ph Meter