Pretreatment Tanks

Pretreatment Tanks

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Pretreatment Tanks

We are a dynamically developing company that has evolved itself as a prime manufacturer and exporter of superior range of multifarious products such as pickling Tank For Galvanizing plant, Pretreatment Plants, Pickling Tank, Acid Fume Extraction System and Zinc White Fume Extraction and Anti-Corrosive Equipment made from various Industrial Thermoplastics. We have been constantly innovating and improvising on quality of products to confer to the industry norms and standards.

In pretreatment plant having all surface treatment tanks with all kind of accessories.

Degreasing Tank
Rinsing Tank
Pickling Tank
Flux Tank
Quenching Tank
Stripping Tank

Available Accessories on request :

  • Level Indicator
  • Heater
  • Liquid Circulation
  • Air Agitation
  • Protection Plate
  • Heater Protection Plate
  • Spreader (Specially Designed for Tube Industries)
  • RIB
  • Jig Resting arrangement on Tank
  • Suction Duct With Slot
  • Connections
  • Lid with Automation 

Technical Specification : Above all tanks are Made out from Polypropylene non Sticky material Corrosion Free, Long Lasting, Design on RITA (Roechling Integreted German Tank Building Assistant) software. Weld on German Wegner Welding Machine according to DVS norms therefore leak proof and long lasting.

Advantage of All tanks

  • Enviro friendly
  • Easy to move
  • Corrosion Free
  • Long Lasting
  • Leak Proof
  • Corrosion Free
  • Maintenance free
  • cost saving.

CORROTECH Expertise :

  • Custom design according size & weight.
  • Fold Bending
  • Butt fusion welding technology
  • Design on tank design software RITA 2.5

Benefit to User

  • Less pickling time.
  • Less pickling tank increased productivity.
  • Low production cost & rejection.
  • Better pickling quality.
  • Correction resistant.
  • Low production cost & rejection.


  • Welding quality is confirmed by 3 point
  • Bend Test
  • Impact Test
  • Tensile
  • Test of tensile and impact resistance property.