Vertical Storage Tank

Vertical Storage Tank

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Vertical Storage Tank

Vertical storage tank as the name suggests are meant for horizontal storage, where there is no availability of vertical space. These are absolutely customized type of tanks, depending on the applications & dimensions mentioned by our clients. These tanks are also designed to facilitate their integration with a building's structural steel.  They are fabricated using materials like PP+FRP, PVC + FRP, FRP and anticor corrosive plastic material.  We, at Arvind Corrotech Limited, employ only finest quality materials to manufacture our tanks; hence they are very robust and durable. The exceptional features of our tanks include corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance as well as zero- leakage & seepage.

We are the most prominent makers of Horizontal Storage Tank in India.


No maintenance needed

Impact resistant

Light in weight yet sturdy


Risk-free storage

excellently durable

corrosion resistant

abrasion resistant

zero - leakage & seepage

Very reasonably priced